Create the best audiovisual experiences.


Be the leader in the video world, offering lifelong joy to our customers.


Enthusiasts, dreamers, creators, fighters, testers, pushing the limits, discoverers, adventurers, artists, survivors.

Yes, we are everything that and more. We love the art of filmmaking, and every aspect of it. We learn and test, we carry out great things, we also fall down and we fall, but we rise again, wipe off the dust and shift bigger than ever before. Over all we wish to create moments that last forever.

We invite you to create these moments with us!


Kes me oleme? Entusiastid, unistajad, loojad, EGERT KARU, KATRIN HINRIKUS


Egert is the discoverer, seeker for new challenges. He is a real friend, who is always there for you and never lets you down. Egert is taking care that everyone feels good offering sense of security and positivity. He is a little geeky, loves to travel and see the world.

Kes me oleme? Entusiastid, unistajad, loojad, EGERT KARU, KATRIN HINRIKUS


Katrin is our visionary, whose mind gives birth to completely crazy ideas. And if someone can handle their implementation, it’s her! Energetic, but very transient. If Katrin has already taken something for herself, things get done. In all of the world, she loves happy people, pink lipsticks and crazy adventures. 


You have a question? We are just one phonecall away.

Egert Karu
+372 51 21 203

Katrin Hinrikus
+372 55 690 891


We also welcome you by email. Write to us!


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